YouTube Music will add free listening in the background

YouTube Music advises that it will offer users the option to listen to music in the background. This will be available starting November 3, with Canada to start. Other countries are expected to follow later, according to the music streaming service.

YouTube Music Android Application

Listening in the background for YouTube Music

Thanks to this new feature, YouTube Music users will be able to continue listening to music if their smartphone screen is off or if they are browsing other applications. This is the first time that YouTube Music has offered this feature without requiring users to upgrade to a Premium membership to get it.

Here is the detail of the news according to YouTube Music:

  • Listening to music in the background : You can now continue to listen to your music after minimizing the application window or turning off your screen. Go for a jog, reply to a text or read your emails without interrupting your music.
  • Enjoy streaming stations and shuffle playlists : Enjoy a whole new listening experience incorporating streaming broadcast stations chosen based on your favorite songs, albums and artists. Enrich your listening experience with personalized shuffle playlists, like those gathered for you (Mixed for you) on the Home tab, which are inspired by your constantly evolving music ecosystem. You can still play the songs you added in the YouTube Music app at any time and enjoy music and video streaming on demand.
  • Focus on what’s important : With the Google Assistant’s Car Mode, drivers can now focus on the road and have a hands-free YouTube Music experience that’s both safe and entertaining.

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